Bathroom Safety For Seniors

Most home injuries occur from falls in the bathroom, caused by wet, slippery surfaces. When implementing independent home care for senior citizens with reduced mobility, it’s important to design the bathroom as a safe environment. Here are a few recommendations that are easy to implement and budget friendly.
1. Secure grab bars, or safety rails, around bathtubs and showers. We have several styles in stock for customized use with rust-resistant chrome finishing. Rotating bars allow for different mounting options; vertical, horizontal or diagonal, and the knurled grip provides added security.
2. Use a non-slip bath mat in the bathtub. Our large Aquasense bathmat has a gentle textured surface for comfort while sitting or standing. The contoured ends allow for better tub coverage without blocking your drain.
3. Shower stools and our bariatric shower chair is ideal for enclosures and narrow bathtubs. The stool has an adjustable height and is made from lightweight aluminum making it easy to place in and out of the bathing area. We also have a padded round bath stool and shower stool with a rotating seat.
4. If you have trouble stepping in and out of the tub, use a bath step. Our bath step comes with four removable covers on the surface. When stacking, remove the covers to allow the steps to lock together for slip resistance.
5. Caretakers can use a transfer bench to help aid mobility in and out of the bathtub. We have several models in stock that are adjustable, and easily stored or transported.
We have several other products to customize your bath experience for safety. If you have any questions, call us and we can assist you with your purchase, or:
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