Innovative Mobility and Seating Products at Lakeside Medical Supplies

At Lakeside Medical Supplies, we understand the importance of independence and mobility in our community. That’s why we are committed to providing top-quality mobility and seating products to improve the quality of life for those in Vernon and Salmon Arm. Our extensive collection of new and used mobility products includes power chairs, ultra-light power chairs, scooters, walkers, and wheelchairs, available for rental or purchase. Plus, we also offer a wide range of seating and positional products specifically designed for individuals with special needs. Our customizable product configurations make it easier to find a product that perfectly suits your unique needs.
Our mobility products are designed to offer freedom of movement and independence. Whether you need a power chair, scooter, walker, or a wheelchair, we have a wide selection of high-quality products both for rent or purchase. Our power chairs, for instance, are built for a variety of terrains, so you can have full independence in your daily life. Our ultra-light power chairs are battery-powered and offer a lightweight, foldable design for maximum portability. For individuals who require additional support to maintain balance, we provide specially designed walkers with varying features and styles, making them an ideal fit for anyone. Additionally, our wheelchairs like the lightweight folding manual version offer an excellent solution for those who require mobility assistance for an extended period.
At Lakeside Medical Supplies, we also offer a comprehensive range of seating and positional products for individuals with physical disabilities to maintain their posture while sitting. Our seating and positional products are designed to accommodate any condition with a focus on safety and comfort. Our diverse range of seating options comes in various materials and colors, so you have a chance to choose an option that is seamless, functional and attractive. We provide options such as the Special Tomato Soft-Touch Modular Cushion, which offers excellent pelvic stability and wholesome back support, while our support belts provide the user with a firm grasp on the chair for maximum stability.
mobility for the elderly at care homes
We offer the option of custom product configurations for customers that need a special mobility or seating solutions that are not available over the counter. The customer can make requests on customized specifications to achieve the perfect solution for their unique needs. With this feature, we can accommodate unique requests and provide personalized products to our clients whose needs occur beyond our existing inventory.
At Lakeside Medical Supplies, we understand the importance of maintaining independence and mobility. We provide an extensive collection of high-quality mobility and seating products to meet unique needs with personalization options. Whether you require a state-of-the-art power chair or wheelchair, a specially designed walker, or a unique seating and positional product, we are 100% dedicated to delivering innovative solutions that improve your quality of life. Come and see us today at our Vernon or Salmon Arm locations to experience our products, or shop online with us. Free delivery to your door for orders over $100.
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