Medical Supplies – All About Braces

Medical braces help post-op individuals maintain stability following surgery by providing pain relief and support that may be difficult due lack of strength. The patient can move more freely with a brace, allowing them to stretch and exercise.
Whether your sport is skiing, hiking or with the team on playing field; athletic braces can protect and stabilize almost every part of our bodies. Wearing sports bracing while training especially with heavy weights helps prevent strain injuries such as meniscal tears by reducing lateral knee movement. Some braces offer medical grade compression for enhanced blood flow which protects joints during repetitive weight lifting routines.
Wrist and elbow pain can be caused by inflammation with repetitive motion. If you’re suffering from work related joint pain, ask us about our orthopedic braces that provide relief and support to take pressure off nerves while giving your hands overall functional advantages. Some are adjustable so they fit perfectly for every person’s needs, making this type of brace an essential purchase for ergonomic work stations. The orthopedic braces we offer can provide relief for those suffering from repetitive wrist movement or arthritis. The different types of pain caused by these conditions may require individualized supports and ergonomic comfort, which is why our team will help you find the perfect fit. Often medical supplies, including bracing, purchased for work related repetitive tasks are covered by extended medical plans.
For a light weight brace, try compression socks. They brace and protect your ankles, Achilles tendon and muscles during quick movements. They are made of light-breathable material which makes them ideal for extended sessions and comfort for day-long wear.


Whether you need sport bracing for endurance and injury prevention, post-operative support or help with repetitive injuries, our sport braces alleviate pain and help you recover. Browse our wide selection of medical equipment and accessories or call (250) 542-2425 for product information and bracing solutions.