Mobility Scooters – Options for Independent Living

If you’re shopping for a scooter for the first time, we’re glad you found us. We have several options for new scooters to customize your experience and boost your level of independent living. Scooters are the ultimate vehicle for mobility, whether you want to get outside for some fresh air, go to the grocery store, or move freely within your home. We also carry an inventory of used scooters for rental or purchase. Options include customized seating and positional products for added comfort.

Types of Mobility Scooters

You have several types of scooters to choose from, including three wheel, four wheel, all terrain, folding and bariatric vehicles. Power scooters help you overcome physical challenges so you can enjoy the activities you love best, but it’s important to choose the model that’s best for you. Average electric scooters have an operating range of about 24 kilometres (15 miles). Outdoor models are available, equipped with wide tires and four wheel drive for navigating rougher terrain.

Scooter Accessories

Add accessories to your scooter to customize your ride. Enclosure covers keep your scooter clean and dust free when they’re parked outside. Canopies shelter you from the hot sun or rain and windshields protect you from the wind for comfortable outings. Front mounted shopping baskets and holders for walkers and oxygen tanks allow you to feel equipped if you’re going out for the entire day. Whatever activities you are planning, scooter accessories will provide the options you personally need for stress free living. With an accessorized scooter, you can take longer outings with easier loading and new technologies for longer battery life. The battery is one of the most important choices you can make for your scooter purchase, and will last several years with the correct care.


Call Lakeside Medical Supplies and talk to one of our qualified technicians for further information on scooters or visit our storefronts in Salmon Arm or Vernon. We are a locally owned, family run company, and can help you select the right mobility products for independent living. Our years of experience in the healthcare industry allow us to offer exceptional services and our goal is to assist you in making the right purchase for mobility freedom. Our service area covers all of Salmon Arm, Vernon, Revelstoke, Armstrong, Enderby, Sorrento and the surrounding areas.
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