Exercise Tips for Seniors

Regular exercise is important as a lifestyle choice for people of all ages, but there are added benefits for seniors who take the time to participate in outdoor and indoor activities. Aqua Fit classes are available for pre-registration at the local recreation centre and are trending as one of the best ways to exercise, and improve mobility. The buoyancy of the water takes the weight and stress off sore joints and adds a comfortable natural resistance for improved strength. After your water workout, dip in the hot tub to finish your stretching routine under the jets and massage your muscles for better circulation. Regular exercise can improve sleep quality, alleviate depression and improve flexibility and balance.
Chair yoga is another great option that builds strength and flexibility in a safe setting. Chair yoga is low impact for less stress on muscles and joints than conventional yoga, and class participation is socially stimulating for further benefits to a sense of well being.
Resistance band workouts or light weight training is especially beneficial when led by a knowledgeable coach, so participants don’t strain joints or muscles. Start with no weights or very light weights to begin with until you’re used to the routine before adding weights. Light weight training is proven effective for bone health and improves posture, mobility, and balance.


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