Outdoor Chair Lifts

If stairs are becoming a problem to navigate, consider installing an outdoor stairlift for safety. Stairlifts can be installed for a straight or curved outdoor stairway making it easier to can access patio and outdoor areas. Our models are equipped with comfortable, safe seating, a smooth start and stop mechanism, folding foot rest, seat belt, diagnostic display, backup battery and remote control. Our outdoor lifts are protected with a weather resistant cover and manufactured with durable material that lasts through seasonal challenges. They stop automatically when meeting an obstruction on the stairs, and fold back conveniently when not in use. After installation, our technicians are available for regular stairlift maintenance and repairs. We offer regular and extended stairlift warranties suitable for the product of your choice.
You may also want to consider installing a stairlift inside your home as well to easily reach other levels in the home. Stairlift installation is relatively fast, with no structural changes necessary to walls, because they fit directly on the stairs. So, don’t worry about having to do extensive renovations. Given the mobility and safety stairlifts provide, they are affordable and reliable as a mobility solution with low running costs so you can stay in the home you love.
electric motorized chairlift

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