Solutions for Respiratory Illness in Seniors

Chronic lower respiratory diseases, such as COPD, are a serious problem among people 65 and older, along with asthma and chronic bronchitis. Although having a chronic respiratory disease increases senior health risks, regular medical checkups, lung function tests or using oxygen as instructed, will go a long way toward preserving senior health.

To reduce the risk of serious respiratory issues, smoking cessation can be the first step towards better health. Regular, effective exercise helps combat decreased lung function. Whereever possible, avoid sitting or lying down for long periods of time, as mucous can collect in your airways and increase chances of a lung infection.

In Vernon and Salmon Arm, where dust and wildfire smoke are persistent issues, think about reducing indoor air pollution and pathogens in your home with a compact HEPA filtration unit, especially when sleepin. This summer, be aware of exposing yourself to outdoor air pollution, including forest fire smoke, heavy pollen, and emissions from traffic.


Preventative hygiene is also very effective (as we have learned through the last two pandemic years) to reduce the chance of catching a cold or flu. Washing hands regularly, especially after visiting public areas, getting a flu shot or COVID booster, and avoiding sick individuals are things one can easily do.

Lakeside Medical Supplies in Vernon and Salmon Arm BC, can help you with consultations and devices to help you breathe easier. For more information on medical equipment as a solution for respiratory illness, see our CPAP Sleep Apnea and Home Oxygen pages.


Contact us for a free home assessment – we are happy to make recommendations about mobility and rehabilitation products to help. Did you know that we supply rental medical equipment and supplies? At Lakeside Medical Supplies, our years of experience in the healthcare supply industry combine with exceptional customer service.

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